Our amazing resort is located in Valcalepio, an area renowned for its vineyards and its wine, a few kilometers from the center of Bergamo and the “Milano-Orio al Serio” international airport.

The A4 motorway (autostrade) makes it easy to arrive at the resort and visit Bergamo, a splendid city of art and also the enchanting provinces of Veneto and Lombardia.

The lakes of Endine and Iseo and the Orobie Prealps are the perfect destination for lovers of walking,  altitude trekking, bicycle tours and, for those who love playing golf.

La Rossera Golf Club is close to the resort, as well as an equestrian club.

The resort is located five kilometers from the Trescore Balneario thermal baths, famous for their sulphurous-chlorinated-sodium waters, among the richest in hydrogen sulphide in Italy, and known since Roman times.

The property is located within the PLIS Park of Malmera, Montecchi e Colle degli Angeli.

An elegant area with grape vines and olive trees.

In the native forest there are several species of local trees such as: chestnut, oak, and ruscus.

It is also populated by many amazing animals such as: dormouse, squirrel, woodpecker, deers and wild boars.

In addition there are also some splendid orchids such as Listera ovata and Ophrys insectifera.

A map of the paths with CAI signpost identifies 9 itineraries for trekking, biking and horse riding.